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Joshua Tarbutton

Founder & CEO

Joshua is a creative pioneer. His idea of fun is working with his team to solve difficult design problems with clever solutions. He believes that all people are creative and have amazing ideas. One of his life goals is to increase access to engineering talent and fabrication capacity. He teaches interdisciplinary senior design to hundreds of students every year at UNCC as a professor in Mechanical Engineering. He started Bravo Team with two of his senior design students to help manufacturers and inventors who needed additional capacity. He is a husband, father of four and an Army Veteran.

Jordan Burch

Mechanical Design Engineer

Jordan served in the US ARMY before deciding to get his degree in Mechanical Engineering at UNCC. His attention to detail is remarkable and he loves seeing his designs celebrated by the team and our customers. His designs and drawings are used in production machines and he turns out concepts quickly. He is a grill master and SOLIDWORKS guru.

Cody Orlovsky

Computer Design Engineer

Cody studied computer engineering at UNCC. He is an Amazon selling guru and self-taught circuit design beast. You can find him looking at a microscope with soldering iron in hand or developing the next board. He is relentless is his pursuit of discovering the best hardware and putting that hardware to the test.

Jonathan Hilton

Mechanical Engineer

Jonathan studied Mechanical Engineering at UNCC and loves Computer Aided Design. He is an explorer of thought and design and gives us alternative ways to look at problems. He likes Basketball.

Andrew Dahl

Mechatronics Engineer

Andrew dual majored in Mechanical Engineering and Physics at UNCC. He enjoys programming and controls. He excels in situations where he is challenged. He loves music and Star Wars.

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"I have worked for more than 40 years as owner of a machinery manufacturing company and have found that there are times when outsourcing engineering for a specific job is necessary to meet commitments. I have worked with several of the engineers associated with Bravo Team on multiple projects. Without a doubt, all the staff at Bravo Team worked hard to satisfy my requirements. They delivered on time and with accuracy. I will definitely use Bravo Team again."
Bravo team adapted quickly to our need for engineering resources. We were able to give basic instructions on a design we were looking for and the engineers were able to run with it. Their quick communication was key to developing a solution for our high priority project. They work hard to make sure that they are providing value and were quick to make adjustments based on our feedback. Easy and enjoyable to work with. Their CEO is a weirdo though.